Welcoming Wilinggin National Park

Great news for the Kimberley today! The vision of the Kimberley protected on land and sea is one step closer with the announcement from the WA Government and Wilinggin Traditional Owners of the creation of...

The North Kimberley Marine Park is here!

Good news! Today the WA Government has announced the creation of another new marine park in the Kimberley, and it is a whopper. The new North Kimberley Marine Park extends over nearly 19,000km2 making it...

Hundreds tell MPs - protect the Kimberley!

Thanks to an outstanding response to our Kimberley petition we have just finished handing over hundreds of signatures of support for protecting the Kimberley Coast to key MPs across Perth.

Welcoming the Horizontal Falls Marine Park

On November 22nd, 2016 the WA Government and Dambimangari Traditional Owners created a new marine park to protect the iconic Horizontal Falls and surrounding marine environment.  The park included some massive new sanctuary zones for...

Traditional Owners unite for the Fitzroy River

Kimberley Traditional Owners unite for the Fitzroy River "In response to increasing development pressure, Kimberley Traditional Owners have pledged to work together to protect and manage the Fitzroy River and its tributaries, one of the...

A beautiful new book on the Kimberley

Click below to have a look inside our beautiful new book about the Kimberley. 

16,000 people want greater protection for the North Kimberley!

The North Kimberley Marine Park consultation has now closed to an amazing response – over 16,000 people made submissions to ask for greater protection!

Why stop gillnetting in the North Kimberley?

Destructive gillnet fishing is putting endangered species at risk in the North Kimberley, one of the last refuges in the world for coastal marine life. This cool new infographic has six good reasons why we...

Travel tales from the North Kimberley

Travel with us along the North Kimberley coast as the crew share some stories and amazing images of their recent voyage.

A win for the Kimberley

We have great news to share with you! Resources giant Rio Tinto has just announced it will relinquish its claims to mine bauxite on the Mitchell Plateau in the Kimberley.

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