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Western Australia’s Kimberley is an area of spectacular natural beauty, with landscapes and wildlife like nowhere else on earth. It is home to a living Aboriginal culture tens of thousands of years old.

Pressure to open up the mighty Fitzroy River to dams and irrigation, alongside the impacts of destructive wildfire, noxious weeds and feral animals threaten to tip the balance on the Kimberley. 

By acting now – we can secure long-term protection so that the Kimberley remains one of the world’s greatest and most pristine natural places.

This is our chance to save the Fitzroy River

Irrigation proposals threaten the Fitzroy, the lifeblood of the Kimberley. Help protect the Fitzroy River, add your voice to make a difference.

    The National Heritage-listed Fitzroy River is an extraordinary part of our shared natural heritage. The living waters of the river and floodplains support culture, the livelihoods of thousands of people, tourism, fishing, and rare wildlife such as the critically endangered freshwater sawfish.

    Developments that take water from the river or its floodplains pose a serious risk to the river and its people by reducing life-giving flows and adding pollution to the clean water and delicate ecosystems of the river. These sorts of developments are not needed. We can build a vibrant and modern economy without taking water from the river. Taking water will lead to a Murray-Darling style future for the river.

    At the last election, you promised to protect the Fitzroy River. I call on you to act on this promise by committing to long-term and legally binding protection for the clean and free flow of water through the river, floodplains and wetlands.  No water should be taken from the Fitzroy River or its tributaries.

    The future of the Fitzroy River and its people, culture and wildlife depends on you keeping your promise to protect this living river.

    The Fitzroy River is an extraordinary part of our shared natural heritage and is home to rare and unique wildlife such as the critically endangered freshwater sawfish.

    The Nationally Heritage Listed river provides water and livelihoods for thousands of people and is a renowned destination for tourists and fishers.

    The clean and fresh water from the Fitzroy River also supports the coral reefs, mangrove forests, pearling and fishing along the Kimberley coast, the world’s most pristine tropical coastline.

    Murray-Darling style irrigation proposals that pump water from the Fitzroy River channel, tributaries or floodplains would reduce and redirect water flows and increase pollution. Establishing a new irrigation industry on the Fitzroy River would create an unacceptable risk to culture, community livelihoods, wildlife, wetlands and fishing.

    Traditional Owners of the Kimberley area have repeatedly made clear their support for long-term protections for the Fitzroy River; in the 2011 National Heritage Listing, 2016 Fitzroy River declaration, and the 2018 Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council.

    The way to protect the Fitzroy's flows is by committing to long-term and legally binding protection for the river channel, tributaries, and floodplains from Murray-Darling style irrigation and dams. 




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