The Mighty Fitzroy

The Fitzroy is WA’s largest river, stretching over 700km from the East Kimberley to the coast at King Sound. 

The Fitzroy River supports a huge array of wildlife, including 18 species of fish found nowhere else in the world. It is a critical breeding ground and nursery for the endangered Freshwater Sawfish.

Life on the River is unpredictable. When it rains, floods bring wetlands to life and restore the River. Between floods the River often stops flowing and animals hang on in permanent pools fed by underground water. In some years there are big floods, in other years there is almost no rain.

All river species rely on the permanent pools as well as the floods. Species such as Barramundi and Cherabin are subsistence foods for local people, and an essential part of the classic recreational fishing experience.

People have lived along the Fitzroy for tens of thousands of years. The National Heritage listing celebrates the cultural value of the 'River of Life', with its four joined but distinct traditions of the Rainbow Serpent. 


The Fitzroy is the lifeblood of the Kimberley, but new proposals for dams and huge irrigation projects threaten the health and flow of the river. At the election the Government committed to protect the Fitzroy.

Send a message and tell your local MP that you support protection and a sustainable future for the Fitzroy River

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