The job of protecting the Kimberley is not finished, but already community support has helped achieve some significant wins:

Adele Island Included in Buccaneer Marine Park Plan

At the 2017 state election, the incoming Labor Government committed to extending the Great Kimberley Marine Park to include the thousand islands of the Buccaneer...

$1 million in State Budget

In the 2017 State budget the McGowan Government committed a further $1 million towards advancing their Kimberley conservation commitments. These funds will go towards the...

Election commitments

In March at the State Election all sides of politics made commitments to advancing protection of the Kimberley.  The new McGowan Government came to power...

Wilinggin National Park

WA Government and Wilinggin Traditional Owners announce the creation of the jointly vested Wilinggin National Park, covering 740,000 hectares of the remote Kimberley.

North Kimberley Marine Park

A final management plan launched for the North Kimberley Marine Park, including significant marine sanctuaries.

Horizontal Falls Marine Park

A final management plan launched for the Horizontal Falls Marine Park to be jointly managed with Dambimangari Traditional Owners and including significant marine sanctuaries.

Roebuck Bay Marine Park

Publication of a final management plan for Roebuck Bay, removing commercial fishing and mining, but without a marine sanctuary.

22 million for Kimberley Conservation

WA's 2016 State budget included $22 million for developing and managing marine and national parks in the Kimberley.

Walyarta Conservation Park

Establishment of the first Conservation Park jointly vested with Traditional Owners, on Karrajarri country around Eighty Mile Beach.

Relinquishment of bauxite leases

Bauxite leases on the Mitchell Plateau have been relinquished in a deal between the WA Government, Rio Tinto and Alcoa, protecting 175,000 ha from mining....

Marine parks at Camden Sound and Eighty Mile Beach

Marine parks at Camden Sound and Eighty Mile Beach including significant marine sanctuaries

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