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The Fitzroy River is the last stronghold for critically endangered Freshwater Sawfish, but now it is under threat by proposals to take water from the river for irrigation. We’ve made these videos to highlight the importance of the river to sawfish, and the threats the river faces. Please share with your local MP and on social media to spread the word about why the mighty Fitzroy River needs protection

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    'Last Stronghold' tells the remarkable story of how the Fitzroy River is considered the last remaining stronghold for Freshwater Sawfish.

    • Sawfish are prehistoric species that have survived since the time of the dinosaurs but now face extinction.
    • The Fitzroy River is the last place on earth where sawfish are thriving in abundance.
    • Recent proposals for industrial irrigation pose a serious threat to the health of the river and its sawfish, which rely on the Fitzroy River remaining free-flowing and healthy.

    'Desert River' uses clever animations alongside beautiful imagery to explain the boom-bust and fragile nature of the Fitzroy River.

    • Life on the river is unpredictable, when it rains, floods bring wetlands to life and replenish the river. Between floods the river often stops flowing and animals hang on in permanent pools fed by underground water.
    • Industrial irrigation threatens the fragile balance of the river - by disrupting or even drying up of refuge pools.