Buccaneer Archipelago - unprotected

The fringing coral reefs of the Buccaneer Archipelago’s 1000 rocky islands are some of most diverse in the Kimberley. Vast seagrass beds and mangroves surround the islands and are home to an abundance of marine life. Australian humpback dolphins thrive in the strong currents and whirlpools produced by huge tides of up to 12 metres.

One of our team recently took a 2 week sail through the Buccaneer Archipelago. You can read about his adventures and see more photos on our blog here. We also made a short video from the sailing expedition to highlight the stunning landscapes that make these islands so special.

As visitor numbers to the Kimberley grow, the Buccaneer Archipelago becomes more vulnerable. Stronger protection would ensure conservation of key areas while allowing great recreational fishing to continue in surrounding waters. The new WA Government has committed to protecting the Buccaneer Archipelago in a Marine Park. You can show your support by signing our new petition.

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