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What needs to be done

The Kimberley is under pressure and needs greater protection. Progress has been made, but some of the most amazing places in the Kimberley, like the Buccaneer Archipelago, Adele Island and the Lacepedes remain unprotected. You can learn more about what needs to be done here.

Welcome the Environment Minister

Send a welcome message to the new Environment Minister letting him know there is lots of support for the new Government's new commitments to protect the Kimberley.

The Great Kimberley Marine Park

Learn about the Marine Parks that have been created and the amazing places like the Buccaneer Archipelago and Adele Island that remain unprotected.

Indigenous Protected Areas

Help Traditional Owners manage their lands by supporting the establishment and funding of Indigenous Protected Areas. Help the Country Needs People campaign for more funding for Indigenous rangers.

Protecting the landscapes and rivers of the Kimberley

Learn more about the amazing landscapes and rivers of the Kimberley and why they need protection. 

Alliance Partners

The Kimberley – Like Nowhere Else is an alliance of leading conservation organisations working to protect one of the last great unspoilt landscapes on earth.

Contact us at kimberley@likenowhereelse.org.au

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