Western Australia’s Kimberley region is an area of spectacular natural beauty with unique landscapes and wildlife like nowhere else on earth.  It is home to a living Aboriginal culture tens of thousands of years old.

But with little protection, the Kimberley is at risk. Increasing pressure to open a new mining frontier alongside the impacts of fires, weeds and feral animals threaten to tip the balance on the Kimberley.

By acting now to establish effective long-term protection and management, we can ensure that the Kimberley remains one of the world’s greatest and most pristine natural places.

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Snubfins Need Sanctuary!

Roebuck Bay’s snubfin dolphins and other marine life have been left without sanctuary zone protection in a proposal for a new Roebuck Bay marine park – but now the Government is asking for our feedback.  Have your say on this quick online form now!

Help Create Australia's Best Marine Park!

The world’s last near pristine tropical coastline deserves the best protection – it deserves Australia’s Best Marine Park!  Help by sending a letter now!

Mitchell Plateau Protected from mining!

150,000 hectares of the ancient and spectacular Mitchell Plateau was recently protected from strip mining for bauxite, send your thanks to the Premier here!

Protection Fact

The Kimberley’s coral reefs have a greater diversity of species than those on the Great Barrier Reef.