Western Australia’s Kimberley region is an area of spectacular natural beauty with unique landscapes and wildlife like nowhere else on earth.  It is home to a living Aboriginal culture tens of thousands of years old.

But with little protection, the Kimberley is at risk. Increasing pressure to open a new mining frontier alongside the impacts of fires, weeds and feral animals threaten to tip the balance on the Kimberley.

By acting now to establish effective long-term protection and management, we can ensure that the Kimberley remains one of the world’s greatest and most pristine natural places.

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Protection Fact

The Kimberley’s coral reefs have a greater diversity of species than reefs in the Great Barrier Reef.

A Great Kimberley Marine Park

A Great Kimberley Marine Park with a network of marine sanctuaries will ensure a healthy future for Kimberley marine life.  Help by sending a letter now!