The kimberley is like nowhere else.

Help protect it.

Western Australia’s Kimberley is an area of spectacular natural beauty, with landscapes and wildlife like nowhere else on earth. It is home to a living Aboriginal culture tens of thousands of years old.

Pressure to open the Kimberley coast up to mining, alongside the impacts of destructive wildfire, noxious weeds and feral animals threaten to tip the balance on the Kimberley. 

By acting now – we can secure long-term protection and management, so that the Kimberley remains one of the world’s greatest and most pristine natural places.

Help protect the Buccaneer Archipelago and the Fitzroy River

I strongly welcome your commitment to protecting the Kimberley, particularly the Buccaneer Archipelago and the Fitzroy River.

We encourage you to continue to work in partnership with Traditional Owners. Please ensure that the Fitzroy River is protected with a national park and management plan and that the coastline is protected with a network of marine sanctuaries.

Securing the long term protection and management of the spectacular coast, rivers, ranges and islands of the Kimberley will be a great legacy for the future of Western Australia.

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