Support the Fitzroy River National Park

Help make sure the National Park goes ahead, protecting the Fitzroy River from pumps, irrigation & dams!

Add your name to let Government know there's overwhelming support from the community to create the Fitzroy River National Park.

Let our MPs know that they have our strong support in creating the Fitzroy River National Park today!

  • The Fitzroy River National Park is an essential part of both protecting the river and supporting new jobs in tourism and land management. 
  • Creating the Fitzroy River National Park will protect the beautiful gorges of the upper Fitzroy from big dams forever.
  • The National Park is being designed with Traditional Owners and will be jointly managed providing new jobs for rangers and in tourism.

Together we can show that the protection of the Fitzroy has much more support than plans to dam the river or pull off its life-giving waters for Murray-Darling style irrigation projects.

Photo credit: Gary Annett