Tell Our Leaders to Protect the Kimberley

This election is our chance to complete the protection of the Kimberley Coast. Sign the petition and tell our leaders to finish the job.

Signing the petition will send the message below to your local candidates and the Premier and Opposition Leader.

    Dear local MP and candidates,
    CC Premier Cook Barnett and Opposition Leader Mark McGowan

    I am a WA resident and a supporter of Kimberley conservation. It’s really important to me that the next Government complete the work of protecting the Kimberley coast. Much progress has been made, but many of the most special places in the Kimberley, including the Buccaneer Archipelago, Adele Island and the Lacepedes remain unprotected and a large area around the Mitchell Plateau could be reopened to mining if appropriate protection isn't put in place in consultation with Traditional Owners.

    Marine Parks and conservation areas on land are important not only to protect nature and preserve this amazing place, but also to encourage sustainable tourism and effective land management. It is critical we complete the protection of the Kimberley coast now whilst resources and attention are focused on the region.

    Could you please tell me what your party will do to complete the job of protecting the Kimberley Coast in the next term of Government?

    Yours sincerely,
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