In the first week of January, ex- tropical cyclone Ellie moved through the Kimberley inundating the Fitzroy Valley and Derby with unprecedented rainfall, causing the worst floods WA has ever experienced.

Floodwaters hit a record-breaking 15.8 metres in Fitzroy Crossing, causing widespread damage and destroying homes, businesses, roads and bridges.

Hundreds of residents have been left homeless following the floods, while others have been cut off from their homes, families and friends while Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and nearby communities are isolated from Broome and the rest of WA.

The floods killed and displaced tens of thousands of cattle, wildlife and other animals, but miraculously no people were injured.

It will take months and possibly years for the Fitzroy Valley and surrounding flood affected communities to rebuild. Support is needed to provide food, clothing, accommodation while people get back on their feet.

Here are some options to support local organisations:

Donate to Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre fundraiser to help women and children in the Fitzroy Valley rebuild their lives after this flood disaster.

Support Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council's flood relief efforts to help those affected along the river.  

Donate to Leedal Foundation Limited fundraiser for Flood Relief and Support for Aboriginal people in the Fitzroy Valley.

Donate to Wild Life West Inc in Fitzroy Crossing – a non-profit wildlife sanctuary – to help buy medical supplies, food and new shelters for injured and displaced wildlife.

Donate essential items like bedding, pillows, mattresses, and camping equipment through FISH – Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health.


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