Icons of the Fitzroy River

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King Sound

Flood waters flow out into King Sound and the Kimberley Coast, supporting fish and crustaceans, which in turn feed larger wildlife like the Australian Snubfin Dolphin.

Telegraph Pool

Telegraph Pool is one of many popular fishing spots along the Fitzroy River to catch Barramundi, the icon of Kimberley fishing adventures and Cherabin, local large freshwater prawns. It is also a dry season refuge for endangered sawfish.

Camballin Wetlands

Sixty-seven species of birds are found in the Camballin Wetlands, and during big floods up to 38,000 birds visit the wetlands to feed.

Brooking Gorge

Brooking Gorge is one of few known locations where the giant waterlily Nymphaea Kimberleyensis has been found.

Darngku (Geikie Gorge)

Tourists visit Darngku (Geikie Gorge) National Park to marvel at the spectacular multi-coloured 30 metre high cliffs carved by the floodwaters of the Fitzroy River through the Devonian fossil reef. Its deep waters are also an important dry season refuge for river animals.

Margaret River

The Margaret River is an important tributary of the Fitzroy and will be included in the new proposed Fitzroy River National Park. Dams have been proposed on the Margaret River.

Dimond Gorge

The Kimberley Archerfish is found only in refuge pools like Dimond Gorge. It gains its name from its skillful hunting method of spitting water at insects to knock them into the river. A dam at Dimond Gorge has been proposed.

Adcock River

The Purple-crowned Fairywren is threatened by the degradation of river verges in northern Australia. The largest Kimberley population of the wren lives in the upper reaches of the Fitzroy River catchment.

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