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Congratulations to you and the WA Government on the recent announcement of the Gooniyandi National Park, part of the historic commitment to create a Fitzroy River National Park jointly managed with Traditional Owners. This National Park will support the local economy by providing sustainable land management jobs, and by boosting tourism to the ancient gorges, ranges and river pools in the upper Fitzroy catchment.

The National Park will contribute to the implementation of your historic ‘no dams’ election commitment and protect the outstanding biodiversity and cultural value of the National Heritage Listed river and surrounding landscapes.

You have my strong support for this initiative as a measure to protect our outstanding heritage and provide sustainable jobs and development opportunities for Traditional Owners.

I look forward to welcoming the implementation of the other sections of the Fitzroy River National Park on Bunuba and Kija Country. I also urge you to support other Traditional Owners groups who may aspire to establish National Parks on their Country along the Martuwarra Fitzroy River. This will support Aboriginal economic development, and cultural and environment protection and management of Country.

Once again, I congratulate the McGowan Government for the commitment to create National Parks in the Martuwarra Fitzroy River catchment and to advance sustainable development in partnership with Traditional Owners. 

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