Welcoming the Horizontal Falls Marine Park

Posted on November 22, 2016

On November 22nd, 2016 the WA Government and Dambimangari Traditional Owners created a new marine park to protect the iconic Horizontal Falls and surrounding marine environment.  The park included some massive new sanctuary zones for marine life at places like Turtle Reef and Walcott Inlet. 

The new marine park was strongly welcomed by the community. Some of the hundreds of comments sent from Kimberley supporters to the WA Premier and Environment Minister are below:

"I am so thrilled to hear of the creation of the new Lalang-garram Horizontal Falls Marine Park. What an absolutely brilliant step. Thank you."


"Thank you for protecting this amazing area. When I visited the Falls, I was blown away. Montgomery, Turtle reefs and all the others are surely without compare in our World. I walked within 3 metres of a 4.5 metre Tiger Shark swimming in a deep channel beside the reef I was walking on.  The Whales were incredible, we had a Mother and Calf swim up to our boat and stay with us for over an Hour, God what an experience.  What a treasure you have given us."

"Thank you for your efforts and your accomplishments. My wish is that every available space on our beautiful earth would be preserved for our so important balance of nature."

"Thank you very much for creating a new marine park. I congratulate you for your insight in protecting the beauty of our country and for working together with the traditional owners of this land. Keep up the good work!

In this world which I feel overwhelmed with the sadness of the destruction of nature, news like this keeps me sane and joyful. It is the most important thing we can do in this lifetime. Thank you."

"How wonderful to hear good news about the preservation of our great irreplaceable country, instead of everyone being allowed to dig it all up just for money. CONGRATULATIONS! Please don’t let it stop there."

"Thank you for recognising the environmental, cultural & social importance of the Kimberley Coast. All the best in the ongoing joint management of the park. I sincerely hope you and your colleagues continue to make decisions & follow through with action that supports the longevity of our natural world.  Thank you from my family, our children, and future children."

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for protecting this amazing place for us and future generations! Please keep up the good work of protecting nature in every way possible!"

"You have made my day. The world is in such despair with death and dying everywhere and so to open an email and see that in the most magical place in the world peace and harmony has been secured. I thank you on behalf of all the generations to come and for showing that you really do understand, care, respect and truly value one of the most unique and precious places on Earth – the magnificent Kimberley."


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