Protect the Fitzroy River!

Protect the Fitzroy River!

The Fitzroy is the lifeblood of the Kimberley, but it is at a crossroads — with emerging, huge irrigation proposals threatening the health & flow of the river. Send a message to the WA Government showing support for real protection for the Fitzroy River.

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    • With bi-partisan support, great progress has been made in protecting the Kimberley coast. The next big challenges are protecting the Fitzroy River and Buccaneer Archipelago.
    • The Fitzroy River is the world’s last great refuge for critically endangered Freshwater Sawfish. Sawfish have lived since the time of the dinosaurs and are now threatened with extinction.
    • A healthy river is essential to maintaining the pristine Kimberley coastal environment.
    • The Fitzroy River has been National Heritage listed for its cultural values and provides food and recreation for thousands of people.
    • The Fitzroy River is a great place to visit and experience the culture, environment and world-class Barramundi fishing.
    • Traditional Owners have asked for increased protection and a role in decisions about the river in the 2016 Fitzroy River Declaration.
    • A proposal for a 50 billion litre dam at Gogo Station is a major new threat to the Fitzroy River.  
    • As my local MP, I want you to know that I support the Government’s election commitment to protect the Fitzroy River.
    • A Fitzroy River National Park will bolster the local economy by providing protection and tourism access to the beautiful gorges, ranges and river pools in the Fitzroy Catchment.
    • I support the Fitzroy River National Park and a science-based buffer zone for the rest of the river to protect it from irrigation and mining, designed in consultation with Traditional Owners. As my local MP, will you support this too?


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