Stop copper exploration at Horizontal Falls!

Stop copper exploration at Horizontal Falls!

Bulldozers have moved into an area close to the Horizontal Falls to start exploration for a copper mine. Send a message to the Premier asking him to stop the exploration and protect the Kimberley Coast from mining.

    Dear Premier Cook,
    CC Minister Dawson, Minister Papalia and Minister Johnston

    Yours sincerely,
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    • I was concerned to hear that bulldozers have moved into an area close to Horizontal Falls exploring for copper.
    • A copper mine would permanently alter this pristine landscape and create a serious pollution risk for marine life.
    • I understand the exploration was approved by the previous Government and is taking place next to the unfinished Horizontal Falls National Park.
    • Exploration and mining would have a devastating effect here because it would be right on the main flight path for tourists.
    • Will the Government stop exploration in this area and protect the Kimberley coast from mining?